About our school

Our Director Mr. Karambir Gersay

Established J.R. Public School, New Delhi in the year 1986

This prestigious institution was established by our director Mr. Karambir Gersay with a small 4 room setup. He named this school after the name of his father, since this school was built by him with the blessings of his parents.

He was a man of his word and always led a disciplined life. He always encouraged kids to develop in an all-around perspective i.e. both mental and physical development. It was his dream and determination that has taken such a beautiful shape today and shaped the future of many kids.

Though we still miss his presence in our hearts and this institution, his wife Mrs. Sushila Gersay has kept his legacy alive by leading this institution in the capacity of the manager of this school.

From the desk of our manager Mrs. Sushila Gersay

This School started in 1986 with just 4 rooms, since then with the guidance of our director Mr. Karambir Gersay, there has been no looking back. Over the past decade, we have grown both in size and number of students. Now we have a staff of over 40 teachers.

We maintain a 35:1 student-teacher ratio, so that all our student get individual attention. We believe in providing our students with a safe and sound environment for an all-around development. We not only give importance to the academic score of a child but also make sure that he participates in sports and cultural activities.

We believe that each and every child of our institution deserves a bright and golden future, which is why we provide extra classes to the students who require extra attention, this not only boosts their morale but also gives them the wisdom and knowledge to deal with the various challenges they will face in the real life. This has helped us in maintaining a 100% pass percentage every year.

Also, we have newly infused tech-based teaching methods to help our student grows manifolds, we use high tech projectors, mobile application and world-class school website to impart education

In the end, i would like to thank all our staff and the parents for making all this possible.

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child & one teacher can change the World.

Malala Yousafzai